David Frangioni Approves
Bring On The Night - Good job, Steve! Solid rock track with memorable hook. Different enough sound to get noticed but still catchy. Vocalist has a sort of "Scott Stapp" sounding quality but yet has his own sound. This song has great energy - I really like the organic rock vein along with the vibe of the song using organ fills, varied drum parts, and guitar riffs.

Overall, I like this song. My thoughts for improvement are: The Chorus takes a little too long to arrive. I like the quick intro but I would experiment with landing in the 1st Chorus a little sooner. The production is good - the mix could be tighter w/ the drums sitting in the mix better. The bridge needs work to transition the song better. Some people might think that the title is a little dated - there's a fine line between a memorable hook and a hook that has been heard a lot before - you dealt with the balance nicely and kept it interesting. Keep up the good work, you're a very talented artist. All the best, David

David Frangioni :
David Frangioni is a recipient of over 65 Gold and Platinum albums as technical consultant, engineer, and/or programmer since 1987. He has been featured hundreds of times in many different magazines worldwide and moderates an Internet music technology forum that numbers in the millions of monthly readers. Beginning in 1989, through the present, David has served as the chief technologist for Aerosmith, having built most of their personal recording studios and high-end A/V systems, as well as a tenure doing their in-house engineering for the records ?Get a Grip,? ?Big Ones,? ?South of Sanity,? and ?Nine Lives.? David has also produced and programmed two of the best selling Sample CDs of all-time (Dance/Industrial I & II) released in 1991 & 1994, respectively and just released his 3rd & 4th Sample CDs, ?Steve Smith - Rhythmic Journey? and ?More than Styx.?